SYM Symphony ST 125/200

Although it shares the ‘Symphony’ name with the S and SR, this version only carries over 15% of the parts from its sibling models. With 85% of the machine being ‘all new’ starting with the engine – up in power – down in emissions, the chassis is stiffened, the fairing more modern and elegant, the seat more comfortable, new style wheels, and fantastic all new LCD instrumentation, this latest incarnation of the popular Symphony series will set the benchmark for the next generation of ‘high wheel’ scootering.

The ST in Symphony ST stands for Street and Style. With its stylish crafted design, the Symphony ST takes City Commuters where they need to go in style and comfort, thanks in part to the large 16 inch wheels, provides stability on the commute with inconsistant road conditions, patchy surfaces alongside unpredictable traffic, todays commuter has to have their wits about them, ST is up to the task. Efficient, quiet, capable fuel injected engines sat inside a stable, strong chassis featuring a combined braking system , the 792mm seat height helps with vision as well as handling.The led-headlamp and rear lights give the Symphony ST great visibility in all conditions to other road users giving that extra confidence to the rider.

The model also has plenty of other convenient features to lift your rider experience to a higher level: spacious under seat & front storage compartments, USB charging port, folding footsteps and 7.5 litre fuel tank for an impressive range of over 100 MPG.

Fleet Services Due to the quality and capability of the ST it is fast becoming a favourite for the conscientous fleet manager. Reliability, frugality, capability alongside a stunning aesthetic that adds a feeling of quality which reflects a good impression to the client that this business has standards to be relied upon.